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How PrepU Works for Students 

PrepU is about learning efficiently and improving scores!

PrepU streamlines your study time, making you more efficient and ensuring that you master the course material. There’s no better way to increase your performance.

PrepU reinforces what you know and tells you exactly what you need to review throughout your course and as you study for exams. You can rest assured that the content is high-quality, always written by subject-matter experts.

PrepU provides content that is as unique as you are. PrepU’s quizzes for Advanced Placement* are challenging at exactly the right level, every time, and you can always get a quick overview of where you stand.


*Advanced Placement, Advanced Placement Program, AP, and Pre-AP are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, these products. 

PrepU is personalized for YOU. The system gives you challenging quizzes that are exactly at the right level for where you are in your learning. PrepU gives you a “How Am I Doing?“ dashboard that allows you to see where you stand in comparison to your classmates or students across the nation.

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Practice for your AP exams to your heart’s content! PrepU has thousands of questions for each subject area so that you have plenty of content with which to practice, both for in-class exams and the big AP exam in May. 

Every PrepU quiz you take builds on your past performance. When you log in to take a test the system analyzes your past performance, selects the best questions for you and creates a quiz that is based specifically on improving your knowledge of the course content.

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