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Focused Study Time, Better Results

Invented by instructors at UCLA, PrepU is an adaptive quizzing environment that is tailored to the unique abilities and needs of each student, delivering the right content for each student at the right time. This makes studying fun and efficient and it makes learning fast.

PrepU’s personalized, adaptive approach ensures that for every topic, students are given an individually-tailored sequence of questions with difficulty levels that match their ability. Quizzes are challenging at exactly the right level, every time, which helps students master  Advanced PlacementTM (AP*) course content and prepare for exams by focusing study time where they need the most help. The PrepU academic software also provides instructors with valuable, comparative data on their students’ progress, understanding of key concepts, usage patterns and learning gains.

At the heart of the PrepU educational software are thousands of finely-tuned, high-quality items across the full range of Bloom’s taxonomy levels with precisely calibrated difficulty ratings based on thousands of actual student responses. Items are continually class tested, analyzed for quality, and edited accordingly. Prep U is currently available in three subject areas - AP US History, AP Psychology and AP Chemistry.

*Advanced Placement, Advanced Placement Program, AP, and Pre-AP are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, these products. 


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The Benefits of PrepU

Why Students Love PrepU

  • It’s personalized for each student--not too hard, not too easy. PrepU provides you with challenging practice quizzes at exactly the right level for you, every time. 
  • Feedback NOW! You’ll never have to guess where you stand. The PrepU education software always shows your strengths, weaknesses, and how you compare to the students in your class (or nationwide).
  • Practicing has never been easier. PrepU makes sure that you are prepared for exams every time and that you always have plenty of content to keep practicing. 
  • It works! Randomized, controlled efficacy studies* have documented significant learning gains of students using PrepU.

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Why Instructors Love PrepU

  • Comprehensive content written by instructors who are subject matter experts. Every item of each practice test is class-tested, analyzed, and continuously calibrated.
  • It’s easily customized to suit your specific needs. Adding your own content to PrepU’s existing library of assessment items is easy.
  • Easy assignment creation. Not only can students practice on their own in the PrepU educational software, you can also assign quizzes to them and monitor their performance.
  • No training necessary. You can quickly sign up and get started. PrepU's intuitive interface enables you to start building quizzes and enables your students to start taking quizzes immediately.

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